Fund Groups

Fund Groups allow you and your team to organize the funds in your Watchlist.
Key features are:

  • create any number of groups and add funds to them.
  • in the groups bar, select any of your group to see all contained funds.
    Note: click the +X indicator on the right of the bar to see the remaining groups that did not fit in the bar.
  • on the tiles view, use the "..." button on an expanded tile to maintain its grouping.
  • in list view
    • identify grouped funds by their blue group icon (ungrouped funds have a gray icon instead.
    • move the mouse over the group icon to display a tooltip with the fund's groups.
    • click the icon to maintain the fund's grouping.
  • in fund details, see and modify the fund's groups in the groups section on the top section of the page.
  • Get informed about added or removed funds in your Activities section on your watchlist page. You can use the links in those activities to directly access the affected group.


Fund Groups Bar

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