Changing Your Fundbase Password

If you wish to change your Fundbase password you can easily do this once signed in to Fundbase. 

This article is not for re -setting your password if you have forgotten it. Please read the following article if you have forgotten your password:Re - setting your password

For those of you looking to simply change your password, please do the following: 

1) Sign in to Fundbase and unfold your user profile icon on the top right of the page, then click on settings. 


2) You will find the change your password setting at the bottom of the page. 


3) Now create yourself a new password of your choice. Please be sure to create a strong password that has 6 characters or more and at least one number. Adding capital letters also strengthens your password. 

4) Once you have created a new password and completed the confirmations process, please remember to click on the save changes button. 

5) Your password will now be saved and will be active from the next time you sign in to Fundbase.  

If you have signed up to Fundbase prior to 10th May 2016 then you are using Fundbase Alpha. 

To change your password from the new Fundbase Alpha Dashboard you can change your password by doing the following: 

1) Login to 

2) Then click on the icon as seen in the screenshot below 


3) By clicking on the icon shown in the screenshot above you will be prompted to your organizations dashboard. From their conduct the process as described above.

Enjoy your day and be happy!

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