Uploading A New Fund Via The On - Boarding Wizard.

If you are looking to onboard a new fund to your already existing organization or if you are on boarding a fund for the first time, this article is just what you need. 

Onboarding is easy with the Fundbase onboarding wizard. 

Sign in to Fundbase and click on the Organizations button by unfolding your account dashboard on the top right of your screen. 

1) Click on organization as seen below: 


2) Click on the create new fund button which is found under the my organization page/serviced funds tab. 


3) Start by filling out your fund details. There are 8 steps in the onboarding process namely: Fund details, structure, fees & terms, track record, performance updates, documents, counterparties and review. It is important to start at step 1 of the onboarding process to ensure that all information is correctly entered. Make sure that all possible information is completed thoroughly in one step before moving to the next step of the onboarding process.Below is an image of the onboarding wizard: 

Once all 8 steps of the onboarding process is complete your fund will successfully be onboarded. Your fund will now be available to investors on the Fundbase. platform. 


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