OPS Due Diligence.

Castle Hall Alternatives is the official due diligence provider for funds that are part of the Fundbase acceleration program. 

In order to make use of the due diligence program the fund manager of your organisation needs to enroll you as part of the acceleration program. Once you are apart of the acceleration program you will be able to make use of the due diligence program. 


To make use of the due diligence feature, complete the following steps: 

1) The Account manager of the firm needs to fill in the due diligence application form as seen below.  

2) Once the form has been filled out with the correct information and checked, please email the form through to Daryl Purdy.  

His email address is : dpurdy@castlehallalternatives.com 

Your email subject should be: OPS Diligence Request for (your fund) issued by (your name) 

3) The account manager sends an email to the fund manager to introduce Daryl Purdy from Castle Hall, and authorize their outreach to the fund manager. 

4) Castle Hall will now  receive the introduction, and start gathering and verifying the data with the help of the Fund Manager directly.

Please note: Castle Hall is not permitted to raise Connection Requests  

5) Once all information has been gathered and checked, Castle Hall will send a PDF version to Fundbase who will then make it available on the Online Investable Shelf.

 Please note: If there are any outstanding documents, please feel free to contact Sandro Zweig and he will ensure that the documents get updated. 

His email Address is: sandro.zweig@fundbase.com

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