Creating, Editing and Deleting a Portfolio.

Creating a Portfolio

To create a portfolio, navigate to the All Portfolios page (simply by clicking on the Portoflios item in the top menu).

Then click on the green 'Create Portfolio' button in the top right corner.

When creating a portfolio, you need to choose the name and 2 other attributes:

  • portfolio currency - position amounts will be specified in this currency. Portfolio performance will be measured in this currency.
  • visibility level - you can choose if the portfolio is visible only to you (Private) or also to other users within your company (Organization).

Editing a Portfolio

Name and visibility can be changed by clicking on the Edit button in the top left corner of the portfolio overview page, right next to the portfolio currency. Only the owner (person who created the portfolio) is allowed to edit it.

Deleting a Portfolio

You can delete your portfolio by navigating to the All Portfolios page and clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the portfolio tile. Only the owner of the portfolio has the option to delete his portfolio.

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