Investor - Using the filter function in the all funds screen.

When browsing through the searchable funds on Fundbase you can make use of the filter on the top left hand side of the screen. Click on the filter to search for funds easily. 

Simply watch this Tutorial Video, or read the article below to learn all you need to know. 


When using the filter, 3 categories can be used: 

1) Asset Info - Allows users the option of filtering further by status, asset type, inception date and strategy.


i. Status - This filter narrows down the investment opportunities to whether a fund is currently raising assets or not.


ii. Inception Date - Shows when a fund was established.


iii. Asset Type  - Refers to the type of the fund you would like to subscribe into. This allows Investors to choose from a list of investment options. For E.g. Hedge Fund, Exchange Traded Fund, Funds of Funds, Mutual Funds, Other Alternatives and Private Equity Funds.


iv. Strategy - With the Strategy filter, investors can search for funds according to a strategy that best fits their investment decision.

Strategy options include: 

- Equity long/short 

- Commodity long/short 

 this is just to name a few.


Manager Info - In Manager Info investors can filter funds according to Management Location and Fund Domicile. 

Management Location - Allows investors to specify where they would like their Fund Manager to be located. For E.g. Europe, Africa, Asia, or even more specific by country.


Performance - Allows investors to filter funds based on their performance while being on Fundbase. The performance filter uses MTD and YTD to filter and calculate what  prospective investor would be looking for. 








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