Editing a Position.

Editing of positions is possible within the Modelling View.


If you want to edit your positions while preserving the current version, you might want to duplicate your portfolio first.

With a click, you can edit the start amount of any position for the selected month - either by directly inputting a new amount, or by changing the start weight. This will create a transaction, effective on the 1st day of the selected month.


After saving the transaction, the portfolio is recalculated. The transaction is displayed in the Actions column, where you see all transactions for the current month. On mouseover, the transaction icon shows the transaction amount.


All transactions can be deleted. You can also delete entire positions from the portfolio.


Please note! Editing of a position will:

  • trigger a recalculation from the point of editing until present
  • delete all transactions for that position from the point of editing until present
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