Set up your CC Account and track your Billings.

To get access to paid services like introductions to high quality investors following your investment channel, you will have to set up your credit card or PayPal account information first.


  1. Fundbase uses BrainTree, a level 1 PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant service provider owned by PayPal, to store and process all client related payment and billing information.
    No CC or billing information is stored in Fundbase.

  2. The payment method you define will be valid within your organization. It's not a private 'per user' setting!

Set up your payment method

To setup the payment method, just switch to MyOrganization and select the Billing tab.

Set up your payment method

Credit Card

  1. Enter your CC card number and expiration date
  2. No additional CVV must be specified
  3. Click "Register payment method"


  1. Click the "PayPal" button
  2. In the appearing modal window, sign in to PayPal
  3. Agree to the terms
  4. Click "Register payment method"

Review your billings

In the lower part of the page, you can see a list of all previous billings. Please contact us at for any inquiries about billings.


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