Investor - What are Connection Requests?

Fundbase Connection Requests are reverse solicitation inquiries from investors to fund managers.

  • The provision of information as well as the purchase of collective investment schemes at the request of the investor (reverse solicitation) are not considered distribution according to Article 3 CISA in Switzerland.

Watch this short Video on how to get connected, or read the article below.

Once a fund accepts your Connection Request you will gain access to the following information:

Fund details:

  1. Fund description
  2. Fund characteristics
  3. Fund counter-parties


  1. Manager reports
  2. KIIDs
  3. Legal Documents
  4. Due Diligence and Research


NOTE! Connection Requests indicate genuine interest of you as an investor into this fund and a potential future investment. Any form of abuse, such as marketing/offering of other services, being a competitor or service provider, etc. will result in suspension from the Fundbase platform.



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