Contacting Your Channel Followers.

Like a profile on a professional social network the Investment Channel can be used to communicate with your network of followers.


How to get introduced to a new follower?

Note: Only the assigned manager of a channel can access the list of followers and visitors! 


  1. Go to your Investment Channel and click on the "Visitors/Followers" button.

  2. This will show you the list of your channel's current followers.

  3. The column on the right indicates if the follower can be contacted directly (blue envelope icon), or if it's a new follower who must be unlocked first (gray envelope icon with a lock).
    To unlock a follower, you can use your initial amount of free introductions, or pay for it directly by using your credit card or your paypal account. Please find additional infos here: Setting up your CC account

Follower Contact Status

 Icon Meaning

Follower is locked

No user of this organization has been introduced to you yet.
Click the icon to see if you have free introduction left.

Note: Unlocking a user will also unlock all current and future followers of the same organization.

Follower is unlocked

This user is free to be contacted.

no icon

Follower can't be contacted

This users is from an organization that can't be connected, because it's not a valid quality investor.


Unlock a follower

When you click on the locked follower icon, you will see a modal window letting you know how this user can be unlocked.

Free Introductions Left

If you have free introductions left, you will see a confirmation window showing your remaining amount of introductions.


No Free Introductions Left

If you don't have free introductions left, the confirmation window will either let you know that you have to set up your payment method first (Setting up your CC account), or show you how much this introduction will cost you.


Additional Notes

  • Followers that used your specific invitation link to follow your channel are automatically unlocked.
  • Unlocking a user will also unlock all current and future followers of the same organization. So you pay only once for each investor organization.


Note! Your followers are high quality leads! Our matching algorithm calculates a relevance score and presents the most relevant Investment Channels to every investor.

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