What are Investment Channels?

Our Investment Channels are a unique way for fund managers to present and offer their best investment opportunities and to get exposure. Like a profile on a professional social network the Investment Channel is branded and can be used to communicate with a network of followers. Our investor community consists of qualified investors only and an Investment Channel is the perfect shelf to get discovered by them.

Learn how to maximize your funds exposure by using Investment channels here:


A fund manager can not only use his Investment Channel to communicate and disseminate relevant investment content with his existing distribution list but also gain exposure and grow the network – we do the work. Based on the profile of a qualified investor and his peer’s interests, our matching algorithm calculates a relevance score and presents the most relevant Investment Channels to every investor.

With this we generate value for everybody.

  • Qualified investors discover relevant funds and fund managers
  • Fund managers get exposure towards new potential investors


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