How to use Peer Exchange Requests.

The Peer Exchange Request workflow can best be understood by looking at 2 involved users, a Requestor and a Responder.

1: Requestor creates a new Request
To create a new Request, open the Fund Details page of a fund and switch to the Community tab. On this tab, you can see all of your sent or received requests.

Press New Request to create a new request. Specify the subject and a short explanation message. Those 2 texts will then be displayed to all recipients of this request.
The lower part of the form allows you to define the 'range' of peer investors you would like to reach. Hint: The Create Request button shows you the number of peer investors you will reach based on the current settings.
After specifying all values, press Create Request to send out the request.

2: Peer Investors receive the Request
All peer investors, based on your selected criteria, will now receive the request. They get informed on their Home page in the Activity stream about it.
If they open the fund, they can access the request also in the Community tab, in the Incoming Requests section.
The user can now decide to respond to it, or to simply remove the request.

3: Requestor receives Responses to her Request
You will now receive responses to your request, and will get informed also in the Activity stream of your Home page, and via an explicit email for each response.
Just click the provided link or open the Community tab of the fund directly to handle the responses. Open the Request that is marked to have pending responses, select a response and accept or deny it.

4: Accepting or denying a Response
You can now choose to accept or deny a response. Denying it will simple remove the response, and both involved users won't be able to to access any further contact information.
Accepting the response will now allow both users to see the contact details of each others.


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