Who can see my fund information?

All users that register with Fundbase.com must declare that they are an accredited/qualified/professional investor in accordance with the regulation that governs their specified domicile.

Each member of our qualified investor community, by default, has Connection type - Summary Light with all funds in our universe. More on Connection Types.

In Summary Light view, Investors have access to the following information:

Fund tile:

  • Open / Closed for investment
  • Asset type
  • Fund name

  • Fund main strategy classification


  • Fund Management Firm logo
  • Firm role
  • Fund Management Firm name

  • Portfolio Manager
  • MTD
  • YTD 
  • Favorite count (users that marked this Fund as Favorite) 


Fund Overview tab:

  • Fund main strategy classification


  • Fund Management Firm logo
  • Fund Management Firm name
  • Firm role
  • Firm Website URL
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Portfolio Manager user picture


  • Performance chart and statistics of the reference series



Fund Pricing tab:

  • Price history of the reference series, estimates and finals

Fund Analysis tab:

  • fund analysis using the reference series prices (based on estimate and final prices) and available market indices

Fund Documents tab:

  • no documents are visible

Fund Notes tab:

  • notes can be added and are visible within your organization

Fund Report tab:

  • Contains only fields that are visible on other tabs 


Note! In order to access more information regarding any fund, investors would need to send a Connection request

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