What is the Fundbase Mobile Application?

The Fundbase mobile app is an extension of our web based Fundbase platform. It allows new or already registered qualified investors to daily browse through up to 20 suggested Funds, and decide if this fund should be added to the user's Watchlist for further analysis and monitoring on our web platform.

Key Features are:

  • Discover new funds
  • Intelligent fund selection (learning)
  • See a fund's overall performance, and a variety of additional fund characteristics like size, inception date, fee structure, liquidity infos or investment description
  • See the impact of the fund on the user's current watchlist
  • Like a fund to add it to your Watchlist
  • and review a factsheet of this fund that we prepared on our website for you

You can find the app in the corresponding stores for iPhones and Android phones.

ast.jpg   gp.jpg

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