Release Note 1 - 3 April, 2017

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Improved Usability  

Fundbase Alpha incorporates a clean look & feel to ensure the usability of the features on 

New Top Navigation Bar 


  • The new navigation bar is more condensed than before, this adds to the new neat look & feel of Fundbase Alpha. Furthermore, your long list navigation heading was changed to watchlist, a term that was found to be universal between investment professionals. 


New User Menu Look


  • Your user menu is neatly organized to ensure optimal navigation between the funds your organization manage, their access requests & your organization's user list. On top of this, your personal user bio & settings page is neatly arranged to ensure you set up your dashboard just the way you like. 


Full - Screen Width Usage 



  • Our aim is to ensure that users are able to access & use the tools on with ease. By developing full-screen width usage we ensure that every tool & dashboard viewed on Fundbase is well organized and user-friendly, with all tools & toggling option found just where they are meant to be. With the development of full-screen width usage, we were able to ensure that the navigation bar & selected filters are kept on screen whilst scrolling down the page to view the matching fund results. 

Detailed Fund Information In Alpha 


  • The neat look & feel was not only incorporated to the Alpha dashboard but also to the fund details page. Your fund details page is neatly arranged to include all elements needed when analyzing a fund. Here you will find fund characteristics, fund documents & the sought after fund analysis tool in an easy to read & analyze format. 


Improved Reverse Solicitation Policy  



  • We reassessed the regulatory framework around reverse solicitation and applied a more user-friendly approach with strengthened compliance. Upon your next login, the reverse solicitation policy will appear as a pop-up. Please confirm the new policy to continue. By accepting the new reverse solicitation policy you gain access to detailed fund information without having to request access to the fund. The investment description, fund size, fee, liquidity information & fund statistics all become available without requesting access to the fund manager. Please note that an access request will still need to be sent  to view fund documents & counterparties.






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