The Fund Filters

The Fund Filters in both the All Funds page and your Watchlist allow you restrict your fund selection by several criteria.

  • On the left side, you can see the currently applied filters and the number of funds available right after each filter element. Click here on the (x) icon to remove an individual filter.
  • On top of the main funds area, you can open several filter menus to either activate one by moving a slider more towards the left or the right, or by selecting or deselecting elements from a list based filter (e.g. Strategies).

A special feature is the Keyword Search on the far right of the filter bar. Type in any number of keywords, followed by the return key.

  • The search will go through fund names, investment descriptions and management company names, to restrict for funds that contain any of those keywords.
  • Funds that contain all keywords in their name will get highest priority and appear first
  • Hint: To filter for funds that contain all keywords, use the search field repetitively for each keyword followed by the return key.


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